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El mal entra a brazadas y sale a pulgaradas

29 Feb

The  literal translation of this proverb is:

    “The evil enters with strokes and leaves in pinches.”

An equivalent English saying is:

    “Mischief comes by the pound and goes away by the ounce.”

Another Spanish expression

14 Feb

Al desdichado hace consuelo tener compania en su suerte y duelo.


Literal translation: The unlucky one finds consolation in being accompanied by his luck and in his pain.


Meaning of the phrase: Two in distress makes sorrow less.

Hello world!

2 Feb

Hi everyone

Welcome to my Spanish Expressions blog.

This blog will consist of a series of postings of popular Spanish sayings including proverbs (refranes) and idiomatic phrases (modismos).

Please feel free to add your comments.