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A otro perro con ese hueso.

18 Sep

Give that bone to some other dog.


This is something that Spaniards might say when they do not believe an explanation that someone has given them.


We might say ‘Come off it’, ‘Don’t give me that’ or ‘tell that to the marines’.


Another phrase – mear fuera del tiesto.

16 Sep

Mear fuera del tiesto.

Piss off the pot.
In most Spanish regions, a ‘tiesto’ is a vessel of clay used to raise plants. In Castille the word is also a urinal. So ‘fuera del tiesto’ literally means pissing but missing (the toilet). However the Spanish use the phrase to mean ‘miss the point completely’ – in other words ‘get hold of the wrong end of the stick’ or ‘bark up the wrong tree’.

Another Spanish phrase – Vamos al grano

16 Sep

Vamos al grano.


Come to the point.


Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and cut to the chase – ‘vamos al grano’ means ‘come to the point’ – so let’s get down to brass tacks and stop beating about the bush!


Hacer la visita del médico

11 Sep

Hacer la visita del médico. 
Make the doctor’s visit.

This expression has nothing to do with visiting a doctor. It is usually used by mothers and grandmothers when paying a visit to someone for the minimum time possible to do what is needed – like turning up at a friend’s house to deliver something, a quick “hello” and then leaving immediately. The nearest English expression would be ‘Make a flying visit’!.

Desnudar a un santo para vestir a otro.

6 Sep
Desnudar a un santo para vestir a otro.
Undressing one saint to dress another.
English equivalent phrase ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’.

El mundo es como un pepino…

2 Sep

El mundo es como un pepino: hoy lo tienes en la mano, mañana en el culo.

The world is like a pepper; today you have it in your hand, tomorrow up your backside.

This is a Mexican saying. A number of Mexican sayings are not exactly PC – probably why I like them!

English equivalent: Life has its ups and downs.

A todos les llega su momento de gloria.

2 Sep


A todos les llega su momento de gloria.




To everyone will come their moment of glory.




English equivalent: ‘every dog has its day’.